Virtuarat Is Moving House

As some of my Twitter followers may have noticed, I have stopped using @virtuarat as my handle and and changed to @atheist_andy.  This is all part of a plan to move my blog to its new home at

All of my current content has been moved across and I am in the process of writing new entries even as we speak :-).

Please note that this will be the last post I make from here and if you wish to continue to read my words you will have to go to the new blogsite, where I have many many new ideas waiting to be cut from my brain and pasted onto the Internet.

Sadly, all you email followers will have to make sure that you sign up at my new website in order to stay informed about content as and when it appears online.

Thanks to everyone who has supported me and I look forward to providing you with more entertainment for the foreseeable future.

Atheist Dogma… Are You Sure?

In a recent ‘study’, Dr Jonathan Haidt has claimed that well known atheists have taken a dogmatic position with regard to their arguments against religion and the existence of supernatural deities.  The study was covered by… That fine example of modern, unbiased journalism and intellectual honesty.

He based his study on what he describes as  ‘certainty words’. Read the rest of this entry


This post is the result of a bet between myself and Godless Mom.

We were challenged to write a short story about a supernatural event and were both given the same opening line.

Her story can be found here. This is my attempt.

Feel free to comment and let me know what you think.


“I have never believed in the supernatural, but…”

She paused to collect her thoughts before continuing, “I never knew how to tell you this before now, but I really want you to know.  It’s weird and I really don’t know how to explain, so I will just tell you exactly as I remember it.”

The middle aged woman sat uncomfortably  in her armchair as she spoke to her husband who stood before her in front of the open fire.

He was a man also of middle years and said nothing as he waited for her to tell her story. Read the rest of this entry

Stop the ”Witch Slapping” Bishop Oyedepo

This is a guest post by leading Human Rights activist, Leo Igwe.

UK authorities should take measures to stop controversial Nigerian pastor David Oyedepo, from bringing his witch hunting ministry to Europe. Oyedepo, with his Pentecostal church, the Winners Chapel and his own fleet of private jets  is reputedly the richest pastor in Nigeria. Oyedepo is scheduled to preach at the European Winners Convention to be held in London in August.  There are numerous reasons why the UK authorities should not allow him to feature at this event. Here are just a few.  Read the rest of this entry

Nessie: A Matter of Faith

imageI have seen the Loch Ness Monster.

Don’t believe me? That’s cool. I am not out to prove anything to you, nor do I expect you to believe me anyway.

Let me explain.

Several years ago, I took a short break at Loch Ness in Scotland. I did the usual things, checked out the local historical buildings, followed the Whisky Trail and indulged in a spot of dolphin watching on the Moray Firth. Read the rest of this entry

Wheels Are Wheels Are Wheels

This post started out as a simple throwaway tweet, as several of my articles have, which was:

“The difference between and ? All religions die eventually, but a wheel is a wheel and always will be!”

Read the rest of this entry

Hitchens’ Challenge

The great atheist writer and speaker Christopher Hitchens issued a famous challenge: “I challenge you to find one good or noble thing which cannot be accomplished without religion.” He insisted that he had never encountered anyone who was able to do so.

Now it seems, a contender has stepped into the ring, and although I don’t claim to be half the writer or orator that Christopher Hitchens was, I shall examine the article which can be found in it’s entirety, here.

Read the rest of this entry

Atheist Anonymity

As you can see from my twitter account (@virtuarat) and the advertisements for my books on the right hand side of the screen, I am clearly unafraid, and in fact proud to put my real name to my words, be they a fantasy novel, or erotic short stories or… Dare I say it… Atheism and the dangers of religion!

All of this is due to my personal life experience. Being born and raised in the United Kingdom as part of a free-thinking and non-judgemental  household, I was always given the choice to look at the available information both for and against religion.

Either way, it would have made no difference to my family whether I grew into a committed atheist or an evangelist christian, or any other form of religious belief.

Also, in this country, apart from the more extreme viewpoints, religion is something of a non-issue. I’ll qualify that, if you compare the UK to the US or the Islamic states around the world, it accounts for a lot less in the everyday lives of the population.  A fact for which I am immensely grateful. Read the rest of this entry

Guest Post: The Situation of Ex-Muslims in Africa

leoigweThis is a guest post by leading Human Rights activist, Leo Igwe.

The case Mubarak Bala, a Nigerian who renounced Islam and became an atheist is a clear indication of the precarious situation of ex-Muslims in the region. Bala is from the sharia state of Kano where Islamic theocracy rules. Bala’s renunciation of Muslim faith did not go down well with the family members. They thought he was out of his senses and forcefully took him to a mental hospital for treatment. Read the rest of this entry

Free Mubarak: A Few Final Thoughts

I didn’t know how to start this blog post. I really didn’t. In fact, this is the sixth attempt to start it.The problem, you see, is that there is the danger that it will come across as self-congratulatory or as an advert for the Mutual Appreciation Society and that is not my intent.
But, I’ll get to that later.

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